Perhaps the biggest fashion month trend thus far isn’t one we’ve seen on the runways, but through the lenses of coy street style photographers. Behold the draped-shoulder coat.

It looks cool and effortless, reads superhero meets fuddy-duddy and doesn’t appear to be functional at all. One quick phone reach to tweet could result in a bare shoulders and you’re beloved blazer in a puddle.

As an avid shopper, you would think that Black Friday weekend would be a pretty big deal for me. But my “biggest shopping day of the season” does not immediately follow scarfing down pounds of turkey and pumpkin pie. It occurs multiple times a month – basically whenever I find a good discount code on

However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t take advantage of a few good sales. While millions of people headed out into the tundra to purchase big screen TVs and DVD players, I watched Home Alone and shopped from the comforts of my own bed. And I can proudly say that my electronic shopping carts were without anything that requires an outlet for usage.

1. Resort Wear


Urban Outfitters was running a whopping 10% off special over the weekend, so I carpe diem’ed and snatched up these silky wide-leg damask print pants. Why? Because you never know when my boyfriend is going to surprise me with an all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean! And when that doesn’t happen, I can always save them for Halloween next year when I pose as Rachel Zoe.

2. Lip Balm Stain


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Target is the black hole for spending. I’m pretty sure those money-hungry CEO’s strategically placed the pharmacy smack in the middle of the cosmetics isles just so while I’m waiting (forever) for my prescription to be filled, I can fill my basket with tons of things that I so urgently need. Like Lip Balm Stain. But I have to say, this chubby stick did wonders for my chapped lips.

3. Grace


I’ve decided to take a hiatus from trilogy books – mainly because I can’t get past chapter 2 of Mocking Jay and have no desire to fantasize about Christian Grey. I’ve admired Grace Coddington long before the world met her in The September Issue. I can’t wait to dive into her backstory and get my creative juices flowing.

4. Fur Stole

Last week I styled a Roaring ’20s themed photoshoot as a marketing campaign for American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. I felt so inspired that I scooted over to H&M and bought a faux fur to luxe up my wardrobe.

….a camo print onesie?


During my daily browsing of and feverishly adding winter dresses to my cart, I stumbled upon this interesting garment: an adult onesie. My first question was who the hell would buy this?  After contemplating for a minute, I thought of a even bigger mind boggling question: who the hell would design this? I’m all about avant-garde fashion, but someone please explain to me how this is fashion forward. Put my confused brain to rest.

Philadelphia: It’s time to put together your most “sartorial” outfits because Scott Schuman – aka The Sartorialist, aka the pioneer of street style blogging – is coming to our city of brotherly love for an exclusive book signing. If you’re a Philadelphia fashion enthusiast, you know how huge of a deal this is — one small step for man, one giant leap for Philadelphia fashion!

When: Saturday, October 13, 2012 — 5pm-7pm

Where: The Barnes Foundation- West Terrace (in the event of rain, signing will be held in Annenberg Court)
2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130

RSVP Preferred –

Whenever I tell a friend that I have nothing to wear, they always reply, “Are you kidding me? You have more clothes than anyone I know!” Which in their defense is probably true. I do have a lot of clothes – many unworn still with tags on them. That’s because I am guilty of compulsive shopping. When I see a piece of clothing I love, I need to have it (as long as it’s priced within my “budget”). I usually forget to ask myself, “What would I wear this with?” So I buy lots of clothing and then what happens? It ends up hanging in my closet – unworn – for months.

With retailers like Forever 21 pumping out trendy garments at rapid speeds (their website generates about 30 “new arrivals” every day), it’s hard to resist the $17.99 blouse. Even if I only wear it once…or I never even wear it…I don’t feel like I’ve wasted that much money because it was cheap. But then multiply that blouse by 15, add in the fedora that I had to have that I didn’t even think looked good on me (but it looked sooo cute on Jessica Alba so I bought it anyway), plus the 6-inch platforms that looked fabulous in the Steve Madden mirror, but are impossible to walk in. I’ve not only wasted a ton of money, but created a cluttered closet.

This October I will be turning 25-years-old – I think it’s about time for a me to change my ways. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be a diagnosed hoarder by the age of 30, still claiming that “I have nothing to wear!”

I’ve decided to make some shopping rules for myself. They aren’t new or unique, and you’ve probably heard them or read them a million times before – I’m not claiming to be innovative with my revelation. I don’t care if I have to tattoo these rules onto my arm, I will follow them from here on out.

Rule # 1: Distinguish between Trendy or Timeless

There is nothing wrong with following a trend if you like it. But honestly, who needs 20 high-low-hem tops? We may all be loving the trend now, but I can bet my pretty pennies (the few that I have) that pretty soon, all of our high-low-hem articles of clothing will be at the bottom of our drawers or in bags on their way to Goodwill.

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