Monthly Archives: March 2010

I found this picture on Monica Rose’s blog this afternoon and literally died.  I wish it was acceptable to wear this many goodies at one time without being looked at like you have five heads.  I guess that’s why I love styling editorially versus day wear.  There’s so much more room for creativity!

Ps. I think wearing watches as bracelets is absolutely brilliant.


Sadly, I am home from paradise and back to the east coast with flash flood warnings. In just eight hours, I’ll be waking up for work. However, I officially graduate in 59 days.  I still haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

P.s.  While I was away, I fell in love with an iguana.  Although I had to pay 20 pesos for this picture, it was well worth the bond that we shared :)

With spring break plans out of the way, look out for my new online store.  I swear it’s coming – I need to learn to limit myself on how many projects I work on at one time.  Anyway, I’m really excited to launch it!

Thinking of a name for my online magazine is the hardest thing ever!! Everything I like has already been taken (like a weird insurance magazine in Canada).  Anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I’ll think of some when I’m laying by the pool sipping a margarita on the rocks with salt :-)

With a week left before I leave for Cancun, I’m still in need of a few crucial items.  Procrastination is my middle name, seeing that I’ve been to Target about four times in the past two weeks.

  • Floppy Hat: perfect companion to the beach chair and blended beverage
  • Sarong: releasing my inner Kim Kardashian pre-cellulite removal
  • razor refills: gotta keep the legs smooth
  • sunscreen: in case my Italian genes fail me; i’d rather be eating lobster than looking like one

  • contact solution: all out, no need for dry eyes
  • magazines: latest issues of W, Nylon, Vogue, and OK!; easy beach reading and must keep myself well-versed since I’ll be without a week of school

5 Days.