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I’m currently lusting anything military inspired, and come fall, it’s very likely that I’ll resemble G.I. Jane (minus the shaved head.) I can’t wait to wrap myself in an authentic army green military jacket, some combat boots and a pair of skinny cargo pants.


Jalouse, June 2010
Photographer Sol Sanchez
Stylist Sebastie Cambos
Model Katja Borghuis

Thinking about working at American Apparel this summer for some extra cash? It might be harder than you’d think.  Obviously they want you wear their clothes, but apparently they have strict beauty codes for their employees as well. Overall, if you have short hair, bangs, highlights, slightly thin eyebrows, or dark eyelashes, you probably won’t get hired.  And don’t even think about getting your make-up done at MAC before your big interview.


  • Makeup is to be kept to minimal- please take this very seriously. Liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow are advised against; mascara must look very natural (ie. should not be clumpy or a color that does not compliment your skin and hair color). Blush must not be overdone- should not have glitter or sparkles. Liquid foundation is prohibited (under eye concealer is understandable if it looks natural- ie. not clumpy or caked on, must match your skin tone). Please do not use a shiny gloss on your lips; any lip color must be subtle.
  • Eyebrows must not be overplucked. Full eyebrows are very much encouraged. Please do not dye your eyebrows a different color.
  • We encourage long, healthy, natural hair, so please be advised of the following:
  1. Hair must be kept your natural color.
  2. Blow-drying hair excessively could cause heat damage, so this is advised against.
  3. “Bangs” or “fringe” are advised against. It is not part of the direction we’re moving in.


  • Hair should look natural. Excessive product to the extent of creating stiffness and an unnatural or greasy appearance to your hair is advised against.
  • Eyebrows should be natural. Please do not dye your eyebrows a different color or over pluck them.
  • Males should not wear makeup.
  • Facial hair needs to be kept clean and well groomed. Any mustache or goatee of a contemporary style are advised against.
  • No gauges allowed whatsoever.

I understand they are going for a specific “look” to back-up their brand, and I agree with some of these suggestions, but seriously, are they really frowing upon excessive blow-dryed hair? Am I supposed to report clumpy mascara as a violation of the beauty code?

Note the above photo in complete AA code: plain and over-sexed, although her eyebrows are looking a tad on the thin side.

I probably…no, definitely, go to H&M at least once a week. And it’s safe to say that the majority of my wardrobe comes from the “motherland of affordable fashion” (as I like to call it).  Naturally, when I walk in and see new arrivals, my heart flutters like a little butterfly on the first day of spring – or like Lindsay Lohan when she sees a bottle of Vodka……..too soon?

Addicted? Probably. Healthy? Probably not.

Anyway, here are some brand new items that either just hit stores or will arrive by July 19th. *pitter patter*

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I like my shoes like I like my men: tall, sexy, and sturdy. And my favorite shoes designer, Jeffrey Campbell, never lets me down. A love affair with any of these boots from his Fall/Winter ’10 collection would be one to remember. I’m especially smitten with the lace-up booties with the chunky wooden heel.