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OBSESSED with the Dolce & Gabbana Italian Family ad campaign. Is that a farfalle macaroni earring I see??


Whenever I tell a friend that I have nothing to wear, they always reply, “Are you kidding me? You have more clothes than anyone I know!” Which in their defense is probably true. I do have a lot of clothes – many unworn still with tags on them. That’s because I am guilty of compulsive shopping. When I see a piece of clothing I love, I need to have it (as long as it’s priced within my “budget”). I usually forget to ask myself, “What would I wear this with?” So I buy lots of clothing and then what happens? It ends up hanging in my closet – unworn – for months.

With retailers like Forever 21 pumping out trendy garments at rapid speeds (their website generates about 30 “new arrivals” every day), it’s hard to resist the $17.99 blouse. Even if I only wear it once…or I never even wear it…I don’t feel like I’ve wasted that much money because it was cheap. But then multiply that blouse by 15, add in the fedora that I had to have that I didn’t even think looked good on me (but it looked sooo cute on Jessica Alba so I bought it anyway), plus the 6-inch platforms that looked fabulous in the Steve Madden mirror, but are impossible to walk in. I’ve not only wasted a ton of money, but created a cluttered closet.

This October I will be turning 25-years-old – I think it’s about time for a me to change my ways. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be a diagnosed hoarder by the age of 30, still claiming that “I have nothing to wear!”

I’ve decided to make some shopping rules for myself. They aren’t new or unique, and you’ve probably heard them or read them a million times before – I’m not claiming to be innovative with my revelation. I don’t care if I have to tattoo these rules onto my arm, I will follow them from here on out.

Rule # 1: Distinguish between Trendy or Timeless

There is nothing wrong with following a trend if you like it. But honestly, who needs 20 high-low-hem tops? We may all be loving the trend now, but I can bet my pretty pennies (the few that I have) that pretty soon, all of our high-low-hem articles of clothing will be at the bottom of our drawers or in bags on their way to Goodwill.

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