Monthly Archives: November 2012

As an avid shopper, you would think that Black Friday weekend would be a pretty big deal for me. But my “biggest shopping day of the season” does not immediately follow¬†scarfing down pounds of turkey and pumpkin pie. It occurs multiple times a month – basically whenever I find a good discount code on

However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t take advantage of a few good sales. While millions of people headed out into the tundra to purchase big screen TVs and DVD players, I watched Home Alone and shopped from the comforts of my own bed. And I can proudly say that my electronic shopping carts were without anything that requires an outlet for usage.

1. Resort Wear


Urban Outfitters was running a whopping 10% off special over the weekend, so I carpe diem’ed and snatched up these silky wide-leg damask print pants. Why? Because you never know when my boyfriend is going to surprise me with an all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean! And when that doesn’t happen, I can always save them for Halloween next year when I pose as Rachel Zoe.

2. Lip Balm Stain


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Target is the black hole for spending. I’m pretty sure those money-hungry CEO’s strategically placed the pharmacy smack in the middle of the cosmetics isles just so while I’m waiting (forever) for my prescription to be filled, I can fill my basket with tons of things that I so urgently need. Like Lip Balm Stain. But I have to say, this chubby stick did wonders for my chapped lips.

3. Grace


I’ve decided to take a hiatus from trilogy books – mainly because I can’t get past chapter 2 of Mocking Jay and have no desire to fantasize about Christian Grey. I’ve admired Grace Coddington long before the world met her in The September Issue.¬†I can’t wait to dive into her backstory and get my creative juices flowing.

4. Fur Stole

Last week I styled a Roaring ’20s themed photoshoot as a marketing campaign for American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. I felt so inspired that I scooted over to H&M and bought a faux fur to luxe up my wardrobe.