Christanna wrote her first book at the age of 8. Okay, so it was short story about her American Girl Doll’s first day of school scribbled on a notepad, but a masterpiece none the least. A true ’90s child, she opted for a black leotard, pink tutu, and white ruffle socks for her pre-school graduation ensemble, while all the other little girls were dressed in prim flower-print sundresses. In junior high when all the other kids were reading Harry Potter, Christanna was admiring the glossy pages of Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine. Many years later, she decided to focus her career on two of her greatest passions: fashion and writing. During her years at Temple University, she was able to study abroad in London and intern for the style editor at Philly’s own Two.One.Five Magazine. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, she currently spends most of her time blogging, shopping and hosting dress-up/dance parties in her bedroom in which only she attends. Her future plans include more traveling, owning her own boutique, styling a hit music video, writing a legitimate book and taking over for the great Anna Wintour.

Influences: The Olsen Twins, Edie Sedgwick, Paris, Autumn, Proenza Schouler, Patti Smith, Balmain, Miroslava Duma and Kate Lanphear 

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  1. Rosaria said:

    Hey Christanna!
    I didn’t realize you had your own website—it’s really creative, I love it! Hope all is well and I wish you the best! Take care!- Rosaria

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