OBSESSED with the Dolce & Gabbana Italian Family ad campaign. Is that a farfalle macaroni earring I see??


I’ve been obsessed with the Olsen sistahs ever since their “You got it, dude!” days. I’ll never forget sitting in front of the tv trying to distinguish which twin was on camera (quite a talent, I know). I owned every direct-to-video they put out, seen every episode of Two of a Kind and So Little Time, and it’s safe to say that Billboard Dad and New York Minute are two of my favorite movies.

I feel like the girls and I have grown up together.  And as they have become crazy rich with booming careers at the age of 24 and can afford insane designer wardrobes…I have too not.  It’s fine, I’m not jealous.  Okay, only a little.  Well, maybe a lot.

Green with envy or not, there’s no denying that these girls are true style icons. Even grabbing their usual Starbucks in the morning requires dressing to the nines. I wouldn’t hate standing in their closet(s) just to marvel all the beautiful pieces (I say marvel because fitting into their clothes would require major plastic surgery.) Here are some of my favorite editorials of MK+A. Click the links to see the rest of the spreads.

Mary-Kate; Vogue Italia 2007

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Jersey Shore is on commercial right now (don’t judge), so I figured I’d post an editorial spread I found and loved.  I can’t wait for fall – I’m pretty much over sweating out this summer, and I’m ready to start layering and wearing pants again.  Here’s some looks and trends you can be expecting this fall:

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I like my shoes like I like my men: tall, sexy, and sturdy. And my favorite shoes designer, Jeffrey Campbell, never lets me down. A love affair with any of these boots from his Fall/Winter ’10 collection would be one to remember. I’m especially smitten with the lace-up booties with the chunky wooden heel.