Fishtown: Residents Bring Talent to Philadelphia’s Fight for Fashion Recognition

South Philadelphia: Local Boutique Sells Shoes for Haiti

Fishtown: Art Galleries Contribute to Community’s Gentrification

Fishtown: Community Theater Brings Children’s Stories to Life

Fishtown: A Block of United Friends and Families 

Fix Your Closet

Opening Ceremony Does Resort Wear

Looks on the Street

Style Soundtrack: 60s Art-Pop

Insider Out with Lola Shepard

Looks on the Street: Philly Campus Edition

Insider Out with Tatiana Arocha

Style Soundtrack: Twee

Looks on the Street: October 2009

The Temple News

Chilly No More: The best ways to weatherize your home

Come on ride the train with commuters

2009 Philly Bar Guide

The Hofstra Chronicle

Far from ugly, ‘Betty’ gets off to a promising start

Fabulously Focused

Don’t Buy it if you Can’t Say it

PROWL: Temple PRSSA’s newsletter

Internship Spotlight (pgs 8-9)

Don’t Be Afraid (pg. 9)


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